Monday, 1 November 2010

There Should Be An App For That - Rugby League Live Scores

Each week we plan to look into ideas that would make a great app, but hasn't yet been implemented. If you think of an idea which you would like us to feature, tweet us at @TopMobApps or like us on Facebook and let us know.

This week, we are featuring a topic close to our heart, a rugby league live scores app. As passionate rugby league fans, we regularly search the app stores and markets for that rugby league app which will bring us the latest scores straight to our mobile device.

To date, simply doing a broad search for "rugby league" on your iPhone or Android device will not yield any meaningful live scores apps, let alone rugby league apps. Yes, if you are an Aussie then there are a couple of NRL live scores apps on the iPhone which will do the job, but for people in the Northern Hemisphere, there is very little available. A couple of clubs have got their own apps on the iPhone, namely Hull KR and Bradford, however these only offer news updates. With the popularity of the Engage Super League increasing every year, you would have expected a live scores application of some description to be present.

On Android there is an app called 'Mobile Sports News (Sky)' which ironically points you to the rugby league scores section of the BBC Sport website when clicking on the rugby league live scores link within the app. Not exactly what we would call a pure app, and the user interface is a bit clumsy as it's obviously not built as an app.

So what are we all searching for? A rugby league app which is kept up to date with the latest scores on a match day, just like the numerous football live scores applications that are already available. Perhaps there isn't the demand to build such an application? Although we are led to believe that at least one existing news website is currently developing an application for iPhone and potentially Android. This would certainly be welcomed by the rugby league community, especially if such an app provides comprehensive news coverage as well.

So is the data out there? Most certainly yes! The governing body for the game, the RFL, run a live scores system, as does Sky Sports, BBC Sport, Sporting Life, and Last Tackle (to name a few). The Engage Super League and Co-operative Championships have in depth live scores covered by the sites mentioned so we don't believe creating a mobile app would be such a big task for one of these brands.

We wait in anticipation to see if a mobile app does surface and will update you when we get more information. If you know of an app which does provide comprehensive live scores coverage (that we've missed!), have some cool ideas for a rugby league application, or are developing a rugby league live app, then let us know by commenting below!


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